Are Android Casino Games Rigged?

Are you thinking of trying Android casinos and are wondering if they are genuine? Here is a look at the hard facts.

Online casinos like are getting popular by the day. As more people take on online platforms, they are worried if the games they play on these websites and their Android casinos are honest and genuine.

First Things First: Are They Trustworthy?

One word. Yes. Android casinos are 100% trustworthy. All genuine Android casinos belong to a registered and regulated casino. Their developers have a reputation and license to protect. As such, they have to:

  • Adhere to a set of fairness directives by their licensing body
  • Have an obligation to stay genuine to their loyal customers to avoid losing them

With this in mind, you can see that Android casino developers have nothing to gain by rigging their games. Actually, they gain more by remaining honest and attracting more players to their casino app.

Are All Android Casino Apps Genuine?

Even though reputable casinos have genuine Android apps, there is a number of scrupulous applications out there. You have to do some research and only download apps from reputable and well-known Android or online casinos.

A good way to ensure you avoid malicious casinos is by sticking to the official Play Store. You could also check out online reviews for any Android casino app you want to try out before downloading.

The Odds Favour the House

Mathematically, a casino has higher chances of making money than a player. This doesn't mean they cheat. It's just how all gambling games are regardless of whether you play online or at a real casino in Vegas.

Additionally, thinking of catches in bonus terms and conditions as rigging is wrong. Players who don't take time to understand bonuses will cry foul when they realize they cannot cash out. Generally, ensure that:

  • You understand the house is at an advantage
  • Read all terms and conditions before committing
  • Never assume you are at an advantage

Can I Cheat Android Casino Games

Coincidentally, players try to rig and cheat more than Android casino apps do. This is contrary to assumptions. Needless to say, these attempts end up in failure. It takes a lot of skill to cheat.

All money Android casino games sync to a central server. The server knows expected variances and will flag anything that seems artificially inflated. This means that you cannot tamper with your app and get away with it.

  • The online server actively checks the Apps
  • It flags tampered apps

What Happens if Caught Cheating?

While a simple hack might sound trivial, casinos take it seriously. They will warn you or suspend your account if they catch you. Additionally, they could terminate your account if you are a repeat offender.

Finally, some Android casinos can take legal action against cheats. Such firm standings keep things fair. Additionally, catching cheats evens the odds for other gamers especially on multiplayer games. This keeps things fair across the board.

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